VMware Workstation Pro


VMware Workstation Pro v15.0 With Serials.

A virtual machine, often abbreviated as a VM, Is a software program containing an operating system that's Installed on the physical machine (PC), and operates In Its own Isolated environment. Every task performed In the VM, remains there without affecting the main computer. There are many reasons to utilize a virtual machine and as such, It's beyond the scope of this article to document the lot. The most common are testing applications for viruses, malware and the like, and the same (testing) with different types of operating systems.

So what exactly Is a virtual machine without the tech jargon? The easiest way I can explain It, Is that It's a virtual desktop computer, Inside your physical desktop computer. It's Installed just like any other application and once It completes, Install the operating system of your choice In the VM, execute It, and you'll have a virtual machine sitting on your physical computer. The VM application In this contribution, Is VMware Workstation v15.0, which Is a paid software but naturally, It's provided free of charge on this blog. Included In the download, are 5 serials that you'd simply apply when prompted, and It'll give you an unlimited license as per the screenshot below.

Platform: Windows 7/8/10
Format: Executable File
Developer: Website
File Size: 439.9 MB

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