Adobe Acrobat Pro DC


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2015.023 Plus Universal Patcher.

Notes from Softpedia

Users often prefer to rely on PDF files to share their data or to distribute it over the Internet. Even if this format provides increased compression and password protection, it also requires dedicated software for accessing and editing it. Adobe Acrobat Pro is such an office tool that lets users create PDF files, PDF forms or PDF portfolios, as well as combine files into a PDF, or share them by using SendNow Online or email. Adobe Acrobat Pro comes with a user-friendly interface, and each function and feature is neatly organized within its own menu or tab, allowing users to easily locate it. Also, complex actions are structured into wizards, thus helping people successfully generate PDF forms or portfolios.

Pirate Website Notes

Okay, now that you're familiar with the software's functionality, here's my notes of what to expect when you've hit the download. Although this Is an older version, by no means does It suggest that It's not as effective as the latest release. Sure, It may not Include each and every feature and option compared to the current one, but In terms of editing PDF files according to your needs, It will certainly fulfill every requirement with Incredible ease. 

It also comes with a "Universal patcher" and due to the nature of the tool (hack/crack), It's flagged by many antiviruses as malicious, however you can see the detections In the scan report below- most are labelled as crack tool, keygen, hack tool, patcher and so forth which pretty much speaks for Itself. I've also executed It In Sandboxie and as per the screenshot below, It did not drop any files, nor Is there malicious behavior such as attempting to connect/communicate remotely. If you're skeptical about the patcher, simply run It In a VM.  Note: I strongly suggest to patch the "Hosts file" to prevent the product being deactivated. 

Platform: Windows 7/8/10
Format: Executable File
Developer: Website
File Size: 783.95 MB

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