Windows 8 AIO 18 In One


Windows 8 AIO 18 In One 32-Bit Pre-Activated

Notes From Pirate Website

Although the 32-bit architecture of a given operating system Is not commonly utilized nowadays, there are still many users who operate under that environment and If you're part of the equation and a fan of Windows 8, then this contribution will certainly fulfill your needs. As you can see In both the Image and topic title, this Is an "AIO" (All In One) release, meaning It Includes Core, Pro and Enterprise, as well as the "N" edition - with the difference being It doesn't come with Windows Media Player, Windows DVD Maker & Windows Media Center. 

The good thing about this release, Is that It's pre-activated, hence the moment It boots Into Windows after formatting, the OS will be automatically activated without the need to apply a product key. Do note that during the Installation process, be sure to choose any of the "KMS-Activated" entries - which you can see what I'm referring to In the first Image below. The file Itself, comes as a bootable ISO and you can burn It to disc using this tool, or If you prefer Installing with a USB stick, Rufus does the job extremely well.  

Platform: Windows 8 32-bit
Format: Bootable ISO
Developer: Website
File Size: 3.82 GB

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