WinZip PRO v26.0


WinZip Pro v26.0 With Keygen

Notes From Softpedia

There are various compression tools out there that give you the possibility to not only reduce the amount of space taken by files on your hard disk drive, but also prevent them from being infected by malicious software. One such utility that has made a name throughout the years is WinZip, offering a lot more helpful tools than ever.

Running the application brings up a modernly designed interface with features cleverly stored in an upper toolbar with intuitive icons, each found in dedicated categories. The workspace is merely a list that displays files that are about to undergo archiving or extraction, along with related info such as name, type, size, path and more.

Pirate Website Notes

After reading Softpedia's review above, you'll see that It relates to the trial version, but evidently you'd want a fully functional release, and that's when this contribution comes Into action. It comes with a "keygen" and to crack It, simply navigate to the software's default Installation directory, open the folder named "en-US" and select the "WinZip64.exe.mui" file - all done via the "Keygen" Itself. Don't worry, I have provided Instructions on how to do It, In the "Read Me" file of the download. I've also added virus scan reports further down this page for both the keygen and the setup file, and as you'll see, each one Is clean.

Platform: Windows 7/8/10
Format: Executable File
Developer: Website
File Size: 275.61 MB

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