Folder Highlight v2.9


Folder Highlight v2.9 With Patch

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Attributing names to folders can be a good way to organize and identify them, but what if there's a better method to quickly pinpoint directories? Well, there is, and that is color. Coloring folders is not a function supported by any modern Windows, but luckily, there are applications out there that can offer this service. FolderHighlight would one example, a simple application that provides a large palette for any of your folders, helping you with their management.

You would imagine that after installing FolderHighlight a desktop icon will be created and an interface can be accessed. Not the case here. After the tool installer ends, you can instantly give the app a spin. Go to any folder, right-click it to reveal its context menu, and look for the new entry. FolderHighlight will create a context menu item, done with its icon and full name, making it very easy to find to identify it.

To change the appearance of your folder, choose one of the available colors from the context menu. You can turn your directories red, orange, gold, brown, green, cyan, black, etc. The colors are lively and full, making them more noticeable to the user, which is part of the app's purpose.

The color is instantly applied, there are no waiting times or extra steps. However, the desktop folders, which can be colored as well, take a bit of time before they change their appearance. If that takes too long, simply refresh the system and the color will be instated.

These types of tools usually pack a single function, but this one sports two. Besides painting folders, you can also add info tips. An info tip is a short piece of text that gets added to the folder's tooltip. If you hover the mouse over a directory with an info tip, that will show at the top of the list.

Platform: Windows 7/8/10
Format: Executable File
Developer: Website
File Size: 3.41 MB

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