About This Blog

What Is PirateWebsite.Com All About?

So you've most likely stumbled across this blog when navigating online In search for a particular software, and you're probably wondering why It's been created and what It's all about- and rightly so. I purchased the domain name of PirateWebsite.Com with very good reason- to provide you with paid software that's totally free of charge, some worth In the thousands of dollars that you'd normally pay for at a ridiculous price to satisfy the developer's greed for money. You may also be thinking that there are countless blogs/sites of similar nature, so why choose mine over the rest, correct?

Well, this blog Is unique In Its own way and very different to the majority of websites that you have the displeasure of visiting for software & programs. I don't base my content on quantity by contributing everything I can get my hands on, just for the sake of displaying an active blog-  that would be a waste of my time as well as yours. What you'll find here, Is software that's somewhat difficult to locate on the Internet and very much sought-after by most users who utilize the Windows platform.

Moreover, every file has been personally tested by me and scanned for viruses and the like and where the file size permits, the scan report (virustotal) has been added to Its respective post, thus gives you peace of mind that what you're downloading Is not anything malicious. That being said, some viruses embed themselves In an "FUD" (Fully Undetectable) state, which essentially means they'll circumvent detection, hence beyond my control. If you're skeptical about a given application, simply run It In a controlled environment- a VM, Sandboxie, RDP or Deep Freeze.

In conclusion, you will not experience a single advertisement, nor any monetizing or short/redirection links- that's total BS, hence I refrain from posting such garbage. What I have provided, Is quite a number of direct download links (that are commonly used by everyone) to the likes of Mega, Mediafire, AnonFiles and a few others. Also, because all files have been handpicked based on their rarity and to meet the needs of users of all shapes and sizes, don't expect frequent updates- this blog Is all about "quality" and "not quantity"

Enjoy 😃